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Benefits of the skilled Migration (subclass 189) visa

Benefits of the skilled Migration (subclass 189) visa

Australian skilled migration (subclass 189) visa  

This is the most popular permanent visa in Australia’s visa series, which is a point-tested permanent visa for skilled workers living in Australia, which is for those skilled workers who are living in Australia with an employer, or family, Or are not sponsored by any state. You can also call it a Skilled Migration Visa or a Skilled Independent Visa.

This visa is specifically designed for skilled immigrants who are not affiliated with or sponsored by any Australian employer, family, or state. It is a point-based test in which you can get a permanent visa and become a permanent resident of Australia only after performing well. Skilled workers will be selected for this visa only based on age, experience, and profile score.

And after getting the visa, both the person and his family are granted Australian citizenship.

Under this visa, skilled workers have to first apply for the visa in which they have to choose one occupation from the Skilled Workers List (SOL) and then they have to submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) online. If the worker’s profile is selected after this process, then the worker will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a permanent visa within 60 days.

Requirements regarding Skilled Migration (subclass 189) Visa

To apply for this visa, the applicant must fulfill these criteria

First of all, the same foreign worker who has an invitation from the concerned organization can apply for this visa and after that, they can also file the petition appropriately. For the same purpose, the applicant must take care of the following

  • Select an occupation from the Skilled Occupation list (SOL).
  • The worker’s profile should score a minimum of 65 in the following factors components such as qualification, age, experience, and English speaking proficiency.
  • The maximum age of the worker should be 50 years
  • Have a positive skill assessment from a recognized assessment authority.
  • To prove English proficiency, one needs better performance and scores in exams like IELTS.
  • Submit the Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • Obtain a character certificate and meet valid health standards.

Once your profile is selected, you will receive an invitation to apply for a permanent visa within 60 days. After that collect all the necessary documents and apply for the visa.

Benefits of the skilled Migration (subclass 189) visa

This visa gives you and your family the following facilities

  • You can live and work in Australia indefinitely.
  • You can pursue your full-time studies at any educational institution in Australia whether it is a school, undergraduate, postgraduate degree, diploma, vocational course, or vocational course.
  • It provides you with all health-related facilities with subsidies.
  • Some may receive certain Social Security-related payments.
  • After living in Australia for a certain period, you can apply for permanent citizenship. You can sponsor any of your family members for permanent or temporary residence in Australia.
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