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As the name implies, student visas are given to applicants whose primary reason for visiting the nation is to further their studies. Despite the importance of getting into a university, this legal paperwork will hinder your efforts in any way.

Different countries have different guidelines regarding immigration. Aside from studying in the nation, these might differ in paperwork requirements, acceptable evidence of money, and all visas allow you to do. In addition, there are certain fundamental similarities in all student visa applications.


Studying abroad necessitates rigorous planning. Students should always organize their admissions/application process backward, bearing in mind institution deadlines. According to university regulations, students must take English eligibility exams and have all needed papers on hand to process their application smoothly. As a result, students are suggested to apply three to four months in advance to prevent a last-minute rush.

As an immigration and VISA consultant, we help you in the application process and make it manageable and affordable.

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A visa is an approval put within a passport that provides the formal holder authorisation to enter, depart, or stay in a country for a defined period.The most common visa categories are tourist, student, work, and dependant visas.Depending on where you are travelling, a visa may be valid for a single or several trips.Some visas require submission of an application before entering the country, while others are issued upon arrival.

Several countries need an interview or medical examination before applying for a visa.

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It usually can take from 15 days to 3 months to get a student visa. Moreover, it depends entirely on the student's profile, submission of all the required documents during the student's application, and the country a student s applying for.

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